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historical and place artworks

This range of artworks are heavily underpinned by Olive's previous study and work as a Landscape Architect.


The works are each focused on a particular place - both local and external places - and are the result of extensive research into the site history, Indigenous connection, natural and cultural significance and community involvement.


In some projects, Olive worked with local communities and local library history collections to gather information for creating the artworks.

SOLD - Private through Courthouse Gallery, Busselton

Winner of the Angelico Art Prize, 2010

x2 Panels of 90 x 120cm

 Mixed media on masonite

SOLD - Private 

90 x 120cm

Mixed media collage on wood

Balinese study piece from immersive trip

Finalist in the 2018 Wanneroo Art Prize


Mixed media on wood

SOLD - South Perth Collection

Finalist in the 2018 South Perth Art Prize

60 x 90cm

 Mixed media on wood

SOLD - Private 

Finalist in the 2021 Bayswater Art Prize


Mixed media on wood

Landscape study of the journey from Kalgoorlie to Perth

60 x 120cm

Mixed media collage on wood

photo 2 (5).JPG

Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, 2013

SOLD - Private 

Finalist in the 2013 City of Stirling Art Prize Art Prize

90 x 12ocm

Mixed media collage on paper

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