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community art collaborations

Although there is an element of history and research in many of Olive's artworks, she is has extensive experiences as an art educator and community artist. She has created and delivered courses, workshops, school incursions and activities to the wider community to create collaborative and community-informed works.


Chinese New Year Travelling Sketchbook Community Collaboration

Olive worked with young students from Highgate Primary School each contribute  a page in The Travelling Sketchbook Project through Propel Youth Arts, Students were interviewed and encouraged to share what they knew about Chinese New Year. The book then toured the state and was displayed in regional libraries.


Story Stones

Members of the community were invited to read a contemporary Indigenous picture book and then respond to the work by creating a story stone. The stones were then enjoyed by children in the community and used in carious classrooms as a teaching resource.


Interview for Beatty Park's 60th Birthday

As an extension of Olive's artistic research into Beatty Park for her commissioned artwork, she was also interviewed and filmed to create video footage to celebrate the history and current cultural appreciation of Beatty Park as a surviving Perth icon.

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